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Oct 28, 2012 11:00am EDT
's have a seesaw marriage, as to the biden's. michele obama is working as an executive and barack is in law school. now she's the first lady and he's the president. theoretically people conflict. the clintons, i suppose to some extent. it's not uncommon to have a marriage for couples kind of take turns. i think that takes the pressure off of a marriage, like the marriage that one read about in 1962 with a woman fell and fell and the man felt like there was a news around his neck because there is so much pressure on him. that model of marriage has loosened up a little bit and created fairly happy comestible marriages for the college-educated. >> guest: >> host: i wonder about kids. clearly more kids in day care, small children in day care now there were 40 years ago. how can that be a good thing? >> guest: lots of countries. scandinavian countries, children go to day care when their one and mother stay home. of that is necessarily a bad thing. surveys are pretty politically neutral. the only measure americans, how much time you spend in leisure activities, how much time you spend w
Oct 29, 2012 12:00am EDT
had the biden for those so for kennedy this is instructive he's just been lied to directly by the missiles so fast forward almost two weeks you've got this issue were the soviet premier said we will remove the missiles. trust us we will do it and for the members it wasn't so much trust but verify the to verify first. there wasn't a lot of trust on this issue. he's on the tape talking got the soviet ambassador to the united states was now burned as a source because we can't believe him not because he was lobbying the there were concerns that haven't been told about this. there are concerns about listening to many of the soviet diplomats and then being sent back to life that is what they were doing. but they really have to follow through and get out to verify first. they talk about how this might impact the trippi which history has no parallel. so what they have to do is look at how they can do it and what that involves as american eyes seeing what's happening on the ground. the same weapons into cuba, fidel castro is not going to allow that. the next best thing is sending am
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2